5 Things Tenants Cannot Do Without..

With the PRS steadily growing, it is important that landlords and letting agents understand what today’s tenants are searching for from their next property. While the private rental market is certainly a diverse one, there are five key things tenants look out for when on the hunt for their next home.

1.    Safety and security

Tenants want to feel safe and secure in their new property and to feel assured that their landlord is doing everything they can to put their mind at ease. Ensure that burglar alarms are fitted, well maintained and easy for tenants to use, all smoking alarms are working and locks, doors and windows are fully secure.

2.    Clean and well maintained property

Upon entering a property, potential tenants can very quickly make their mind up as to whether they would like to live there. One of the biggest turns off is if the condition of the accommodation is not up to standard. This includes any areas of damp, peeling paintwork, mildew, dirt and staining of carpet and walls. A well looked after property signifies that a landlord takes care of their tenants and wants them to live in a clean, comfortable environment. Areas to pay particular attention to include the kitchen and bathrooms, keep them clean and you’re on to a winner! Sometimes all it takes is a quick tidy and a vacuum to dramatically spruce up the place in time for a viewing.

3.    Modern furnishings

Making sure a property is move-in ready is a major plus point for potential tenants, allowing people to immediately envisage themselves living in the property. Invest in classic furniture and décor which will stand the test of time in neutral, modern colours, thereby giving tenants an opportunity to personalise their home with ease.

4.    High-speed internet connections ‘

One of the top questions tenants will often ask is whether or not the property has a good broadband connection. If your property boasts high internet speeds then this is certainly something you’ll want to advertise to potential tenants.

5.    Good transport links

Even if your property is not located in the centre of town, it’s important that you highlight any transport links and public transport services easily accessible from the home. Being close to a main road can be a big selling point for commuters, as is proximity to a train station or tube stop. If a property has a car parking space this will also be a huge boost to potential tenants, most of whom will own a car, especially in suburban areas.

Feature by Gary Whittaker of Rentman