Land Registry Scheme Protects From Property Fraud..

“Free Scheme Protects From Property Fraud”

“The Land Registry has launched a free scheme to protect landlords and absent property owners from property fraud. The Land Registry’s “Form LL” restriction is now free for home owners who do not live at the property, including landlords.

This offer comes in the wake of a rising incidence of fraudsters targeting the properties of both individuals and companies. These attacks often include identity and other types of fraud and the presentation of forged documents to the Land Registry. The Land Registry wishes to bring these maters to wider attention among the public. The restriction is designed to help prevent forgery by requiring the solicitor or conveyancer to certify they are satisfied that the person selling or mortgaging the property is the true owner.

Today’s initiative is free for home owners who do not live at the property, it is designed to encourage those who feel their empty or tenanted property might be at risk, to do something to prevent it from being stolen unawares.”

For more information see the Land Registry website.

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